Sri Paramjyothi AmmaBhagavan Aalaya Darshan


Human life is controlled by 10 programs.  These 10 programs control one’s finances, health, business, job, relationships, success, etc..

The program flows as patterns in our lives. One would  meet the same kinds of people, come across the same challenges, face the same humiliation and insult or go through repetitive emotions of guilt, fear and anger because of ones programming.

In order to change one’s life, their program has to be changed. Sri AmmaBhagavan would change your programming to fulfill your desires and to solve your problems. These 10 Programs act through 7 koshas.

Sri AmmaBhagavan would be setting right one’s 7 koshas whereby setting right  one’s programs in this aalaya darshan.

Thousands of people praying at the same time at mid day would be very powerful.  This would lead you to an altered state of consciousness.

If one prays on the day of his/her birth (Ex Monday, Tuesday,etc) One’s prayers would be answered very fast.

Details see video.