1 Day Event

Journey into Happiness

Next Journey into Happiness 11th October 2020. Please register with your organizers. Please find a list of organizers in your country

A happy individual creates a happy world.

This is a One-day Program Streamed Live from India, via interactive video teleconferencing simultaneously with other European Countries. This day of immersion was recently offered to over 2500 participants in Europe, Russia, USA and South Africa.

Experience life differently, live in the flow of life, experience genuine Joy and Happiness of Being

Course elements are ancient sacred practices, powerful teachings, and meditations to help you live a happier and peaceful life. Open to everyone from age 14.

Previous participants have noticed

  • A Calm Mind & Profound Inner Peace
  • Deep Awareness & Shift in Consciousness
  • Spiritual Growth & Energy Clearing & Balancing
  • Transformation in Consciousness
  • Improved overall Health & Well being
  • Loving Relationships
  • Enhanced Capacity for Success
  • Brain Change and Awakening
  • Increase in Physical & Spiritual Energy

Previous participants experiences
“I realized during the course how I longed to live a life and how my suffering was preventing me. How can I sense the suffering of others and seek solutions for them but I do not want much experience my suffering. I experience an eagle fly in one breathing, I was free and happy as a bird. Sharing after the course: I felt tired after the course in the evening, so I went to sleep. In the morning I woke up with incredible joy to life 🙂
It is an incredible feeling of inner peace, fulfilment. After a long time I wanted to run into life and shout I am happy. My heart was overflowing with love, compassion and joy of being. I stood on the crossing and just laughed and even loud. I met a gentleman with a dog and the dog looked after me until he stopped the master. I realized how I draw attention – how the joy of life overflows from me. And so I contribute, for example, a friend of mine after a telephone interview gave feedback to me: in the morning I woke up and my stomach ached, and after a phone conversation with you, I feel great as if everything had dissolved. I am incredibly grateful for the gifts I received and for the transformation of the brain – the ingratitude of awareness I am very much looking forward to next course. I Thank you to all of you.” – Zuzana, Czech Republic

“This course is something very special for me, even if it felt like it turned my whole life upside down from one day to the next. I am so deeply connected with myself and also with my partner and my son. I have never felt both of them so deeply when they talk to me and I can listen to them without any effort, without a feeling of stress or condemnation. I am so deeply connected with myself and also with my partner and my son. I have never felt both deeply and really when they talk to me and I can listen to them without effort, without a feeling of stress or condemnation. I have the feeling that I have just spent the first weekend with them and that I was only able to get to know them really now without my emotions affecting what I experience. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to put all this into words, because it is something completely new for me to live like this. Maybe I can put it better into words at a later time.
I thank you so much for this wonderful course and the loving care on this day. ❤ I am very much looking forward to the next course. All love.” – K., Germany

“Namaste! I want to share the clearest and fastest prayer hearing I’ve ever experienced. For several years I have been getting more and more pain in my hip due to osteoarthritis. In the end, this has led to the need of a surgery for my hip. I started this surgical process at the beginning of the year. I myself submitted a referral with the idea that it goes faster than going through the health center. I quickly got a doctor’s visit from a private orthopedic doctor. He said it probably won’t take long before you can have an operation. However, a couple of weeks went by and when they returned it was announced that due to an agreement with the county council they may not help me, but my referral will be sent to the county council orthopedics. After a short time, the County Council returned with information that they currently do not have time for me, but my referral is sent back to the private orthopedic reception I sent the referral to first. But they had to close their internship and help at the county council’s hospital. So I had other choices to send my referral to, in other municipalities. I did so. After further waiting, I got a doctor’s time and I went to another municipality for the visit. The doctor quickly states that an operation is needed. Then I talked to the nurse about surgery time etc.. She announces that due to the situation with Covid 19, they cannot offer surgery until the end of August. I was devastated, but understand their situation and head home. On the highway I broke down, crying and prayed with a loud voice: -Please Amma, help me !!! I can’t handle this pain until August … please Amma help me. Give me an operation- time in May !!! Please Amma, help me !!! This I kept silently praying within me for a large part of the journey of about 1 hour. When I come home to my city the phone rings, I parked the car and answered.
– It is from the orthopedist, we have received a rebate and wonder if you want operating time on 26/5 !!!!!!!!!! I thanked with great joy yes on that time! Then I thanked Amma and thanked and thanked !!! I feel a deep gratitude for this prayer hearing! Namaste.” – Mari H., Sweden

“Thank you very much for the wonderful day yesterday, your warm hospitality and the loving atmosphere you created!
Anytime again! Preferably in August, if there is still a place available. I can’t even put into words how much I was touched by the transmission of energy through the Enlightened One… Especially in the heart and head area it was very powerful for me to feel, even in the soles of my feet… On the way home I felt a deep peace in me. The ” working ” on my brain was still clearly noticeable the whole evening, so that I finally went to bed early to give space to the process… I feel lifted up and connected again… Thank you very much! Lots of love,” – N., Germany

“This is my experience that began 15 days ago and finished yesterday during the Journey into Happiness.
15 days ago I suffered a fraud. A large amount of money was stolen from my credit card.
6 days ago I denounced what happened but the officer told me that it would be very difficult to recover the money and if it were possible, I would have to wait at least 2-3 months. During the lunch break yesterday, in the middle of the Journey into Happiness, I went to check my mail box and, with my big surprise and happiness, I found the bank cheque for the amount that was withdrawn. So happy to have back my money and so quickly! I’m so grateful for everything! Thank you Sri Amma Bhagavan, thank you to the organizer of the Journey.” Paola – Italy

“I had a lot of resistance this last Oneness day course. I could not focus, I missed some parts, I did not want to do it. Until I felt drawn to the meditation cushion for the last part. I meditated and during the meditation I felt my little brother sitting by my side and holding my left hand. I could feel the warmth of his hand. I started to cry. I lost my brother 6 months ago. He was sitting next to me and smiling. Then my passed away grandfather sat on my right side, holding my hand. Smiling at me. A bit later it was a crowd of people I did not know holding hands together. Finally, I saw Bhagavan who told me that it was time to love myself as much as they loved me. Thank you Sri Amma Bhagavan for this beautiful revelation and for bringing love into my life.❣️ Thank you so much for the Grace and Blessings we experience together.❣️” – Bérénice, France

“Furthermore, I would like to tell you about my experiences: I was very deeply touched, even when I was with you in class, I was highly emotional, I often had tears in my eyes because I was so touched. This I can feel even more strongly now than before the class. The next day I had to cry a lot, because one day before the class I had not taken part in an event that was actually important to me. I could not calm down at all for a long time and I myself was amazed that I reacted so emotionally. I am open, everything is blank and everything goes deep inside.
Now, I am again more relaxed and come back to joy, I am no longer so strained by things that have to be done and I have more joy in everything. I am so grateful for everything. It was again an outstanding experience to be with you and to be allowed to enjoy your loving, ingenious organization you are simply great!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! In love and gratitude”   – M., Germany

“More than a year ago my employer dismissed me after more than four years after I had a breakdown. After the 2nd day of my sickness, he sacked me. I almost collapsed and had no strength left. Yesterday he called me and wanted to meet me. I did that today and he said he needed help. Now, I can start working for him again from January 1, 2020, even with better conditions. I have the feeling it will be a new start. And that was exactly what I had asked for during the last 1-day course. May request was not linked with this employer. I didn’t expect him to be the one offering me a job. I had seen his face at some point in the process, but no, I didn’t think he was the one offering me the job. Now it is exactly like that, it happened and I am so happy! And it was the first time I heard some appreciation and esteem from my employer. That felt so good for me. Now he values my qualities. That was so good for my confidence.
I would like to attend the one-day course again on 9 December. Is there a place left? I love you and hope to see you then.” –  D. Germany

“A quick feedback on today. The energy intensity in your rooms is unique. For me today the field of joy has blossomed deep in my heart, unbelievable. I have not yet been able to perceive the connection to the highest in me so intensely. My being was laughed at, although there was a lot of “manual” work in my head and body.
Thank you, thank you, thank you – Great Compassionate Light, Sri Amma Bhagavan, Tejasa Ji and you for this wonderful opportunity. Be warmly embraced by the three of us H.,I.,B.”

“After the course I am watching my judgemental and storytelling mind much more consciously than before. Joy of life is coming through again. Thank you Great Compassionate Light and SriAmmaBhagavan.”

“When we were supposed to contemplate, my mind said:” I know all that already.” But when I nevertheless contemplated on the points, they proved to be new. After the energy transfer of the great compassionate light, I could feel that it started working on the left side of my brain. Now I am in a state of peace / stillness inside. Daily world and worries are in the background. I feel: ”I am now again who I really am” Thank you so much!!!”

“While contemplating about my relationship with my father I could not discover any hurt or hate on my side any more, but instead I could intensely feel how he was hurt by us, his children, when he was trying to give us the best he could and we did not appreciate it. I saw the scene: We were told to tear apart old but beautiful furniture, we were very unhappy about it and could not understand why, because we wanted to keep it. He wanted to create a new, modern home with new furniture for us. He was hurt and suffering because none of us was able to understand him. Compassion and love for him flooded my heart and it was melting in love and care for him. All levels of this relationship are healing with every course, I can see my father with love only, all old suffering, anger etc. is gone! Thank you so much SriAmmaBhagavan!” – D. – Germany