Welcome to the homepage of Golden Age Europe. This homepage is dedicated to support the vision of SriAmmaBhagavan to establish a Golden Age in which people enjoy an inner state of causeless love and joy, where every human being feels connected to all living creatures and nature as a whole. Where every human being experiences inner freedom. To bring about this shift in human consciousness 64,000 people are needed to support the vision of Sri AmmaBhagavan.

Sri Paramjyothi Amma Bhagavan Aalaya Darshan

Daily 07:20 – 07:40 am

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Sri AmmaBhagavan Satsang - Every Sunday - 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. CET

Sri Amma Bhagavan Satsang 
The science, secrets, and the law of miracles.

Online Golden Age Consciousness Meditation - Every Friday - 8pm to 9 pm CET

Immerse yourself in the powerful Divine energy of Golden Age Consciousness, the Consciousness of Abundance.
Experience harmonious relationships, joy, peace and happiness.
Connect with and experience the qualities of Golden Age Consciousness: forgiveness, gratitude, inner integrity, sacredness, and surrender.

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Online SLSL Meditation - First Wedneday of the Month - 8 pm to 9 pm CET


A sacred powerful collective meditation with Supreme Light of Supreme Love meditators from across Europe and around the world.
Access a consciousness portal to anchor and deepen the universal Presence within you.
Awaken to love and wisdom, to your true nature.

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Full Moon Meditation - 29th December 1.30 and 4.30 pm


3 hours course

Tuesday 9th February 5.30 - 8.30 p.m.


3 day course

12th - 14th February 2021

To support the Vision and Mission of SriAmmaBhagavan

To create a group of 64,000 awakened and enlightened ones


Sri Amma Bhagavan

To set man unconditionally free





Golden Age Meditations

To bring about the Golden Age and establish a deep connection with the Supreme Light of Supreme Love

Golden Age Consciousness



Supreme Light of Supreme Love



Golden Age Happiness



Golden Age Initiation and Sacred Chambers

To bring about the Golden Age and establish a deep connection with the Supreme Light of Supreme Love

Supreme Light of Supreme Love


Sri Amma Bhagavan

Sacred Chambers

Join the group of 1000 spiritual guides in Europe



To support the vision and mission of Sri AmmaBhagavan